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5 Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Even if you’re a creative person, you’ve probably gone through some dry spells where your creativity seemed to disappear. Burnout, writer’s block, or a lack of inspiration can be frustrating, especially if you’re faced with looming deadlines. The more stress you’re under, the more difficult it will be for you to recover your creativity.

In order to get your creative juices flowing and get inspired to work on whatever project you have to complete, you need to find ways to destress and clear your mind. How can you get your creativity back? Here are some tips to help you find your inspiration, whether you’re working on writing an article or coming up with invention ideas.

1. Take a break.
If you’re feeling uninspired, maybe it’s time to take a break. Too much work can leave you tired and drain you of creativity.

If you’re having a tough day and can’t seem to come up with ideas, try to break up your workday and take short breaks throughout the day. Stand up, walk around, and get a change of scenery if you can, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

If you’re dealing with burnout that’s lasted a while, you might need a longer break from work or whatever is causing your stress. Plan a vacation or take some time off to stay at home and catch up on some rest. Take a break from social media and the internet. Give your mind some rest and try to decrease your stress levels so you can get back to being a creative genius.

2. Feed your creativity.
You can’t constantly output without filling your mind. Artists, writers, inventors, and creators need inspiration. Ideas don’t come from an empty mind. To feed your creativity, you need to engage in activities that help you expand your horizons or think about things from a different perspective. Reading books is an excellent way to feed your creativity. If you need more visual inspiration, try going to art museums and galleries. If you enjoy getting inspiration from others, talk to people who are successful and ask them how they got to where they are. Identify what kinds of things inspire you and boost your creativity, and seek them out regularly.

3. Go outside and get some exercise.
A change of scenery and some physical activity can completely change your mental state. Go for a walk outside and enjoy the scenery. Take a hike with a breathtaking view, or watch the sunset on the beach as the waves roll in. Observe the wildlife all around you, from colorful flowers to the birds flying overhead. Many of the world’s greatest creatives have taken inspiration from nature, so don’t miss out on this incredible way to increase your creativity.

Exercise is also helpful for getting past a lapse in creativity. Exercising helps improve your mood and helps you feel less stressed. It’s good for both your mind and body. Try to make exercising part of your routine and see if it helps your creativity.

4. Keep learning.
We’re never done learning, but sometimes we can get out of the habit of seeking out new information and learning new skills. Constantly learning and trying new things will help you to be more creative. You’ll also grow as a person and learn skills you might never have thought to try. Read lots of books about things that interest you, and pick up some about subjects you’re not so familiar with. Try a new hobby or sport. Learn how to play an instrument or take singing or dance classes. The possibilities are endless, and your creativity will be too if you continue to expand your horizons.

5. Keep an inspiration journal.
For many, creativity comes in waves. They might suddenly come up with ideas at random moments. Others are constantly creating and coming up with new ideas, but can’t always keep track of all of their projects and things they want to do. Whatever the case, keeping a journal can help you put all of your creativity and inspiration in one place that you can refer back to whenever you’re lacking inspiration. You can jot down ideas, add pictures that inspire you, write quotes you love, and add anything else you want. Before you know it, you’ll be searching for patent services for your new invention. If you always have a journal full of ideas and inspiration, it’s not likely you’ll ever run out of creativity for long.

Being a creative person isn’t always easy, especially if you rely on your creativity to do your work. But it is very rewarding to come up with new ideas and make them a reality. If you’re running out of inspiration and feeling drained, try these ideas to boost your creativity and get back to doing what you love. Your creative juices will be flowing again in no time.

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